ASEP Certificate

USSF National E License

USSF Class 7 Refferee


All children should have soccer cleats and shin guards are Mandatory.

Mini group Size 3 Soccer ball (4Quarter 7Mins)

Minor group Size 3 Soccer Ball(2 Halves 15Min)

Major group Size 4 Soccer Ball (2Halves 20Min)

Junior Size 4 Soccer Ball (2 Halves of 25 Mins)

Senior Size 5 Soccer Ball (2 Halves of 30 Mins)

Rob Cianci

A highly skilled coach and player with several years at many levels of competition.

17 yrs High School 

14 yrs Varsity Head Coach

2009-2014 Men's Coach International Soccer Club

2011-Current V.P./ Director of Coaches/Player development

Director of Coaches


-Northern Illinois Soccer League site here




Established in 1975, Hiawatha Soccer Club has been built by a great community of families and coaches. Over the many years we have been very fortunate to get great support from the local community.

In recent years we have incorporated a new level of competition to the club. Expanding from an in-house recreational league to NISL and other competitive traveling leagues.

Our teams play at various locations and compete amongst varying levels of competition. Coach Rob Cianci and his coaching staff are constantly improving and developing a system to facilitate growth and

a love for the "beautiful game".


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Hiawatha Soccer Club